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Day Two–Wednesday

Wednesday morning came fast: it seemed like one minute it was 4am and I was being poked and prodded, then all of a sudden it was 6am ish and I was awake again. I remember waking up and checking my Blackberry for an email alert; it seems that in my mild states of lucidity on Tuesday I remember there was a fear of bad weather Weds morning and the kids were hoping for a two hour delay. So when I woke up at that time I checked the phone and there was no email alert. I turned on the TV (sound off of course, so as not to disturb my roommate) looking for school cancellations. I watched the various channels for a little while and realized that our school was safe and that probably the weather didn’t get as bad as they had thought. So back to sleep. That’s when the Wednesday rush came: All at the same time it seemed like I had doctors talking to me, nurses poking me and Dietary people shoving a tray of food (yay) on my table. This all seemed to happen around 8am. All at the same time.

Breakfast was all liquid: hot tea, cranberry juice, iced tea and red jello. It was all yummy but not nearly as satisfying as I had hoped. As the morning wore on I learned who my nursing staff would be and what was expected of me on day 2. My catheter and my IV were removed and I was whisked out of bed to walk to the bathroom to wash up and brush my teeth. My brain was glad to brush my teeth, however, my body did not want to cooperate! Walking was very difficult and painful but Nurse Jane showed me what to do. Brushed my teeth and felt like a human! While I was shuffling back to my bed, my surgeon (and my Gyn) came in to visit and chatted me up about how well the surgery went etc etc etc. I changed into my own gown and got back in bed to rest. Or so I thought. The morning was fairly busy with both patients receiving phone calls and visits from doctors and nurses, etc. Since my IV was out I couldn’t self medicate anymore and had to call for the pain meds. This was not as fun as pushing the little button. DH had to go to the office so he only came to visit me briefly around 1130. The rest of the day my roomie and the hospital staff kept me company.

Getting in and out of the bed was difficult but necessary. I was starting to get stiff from being still for so long and couldn’t get as comfortable as the day before so that I could get some of that good sleep I remembered getting. So I dozed the best I could that day. My Ipod was my constant companion, which helped to drown out the various and sundry STRANGE noises coming from around me. These strange noises consisted of hearing babies crying, my roomie’s many different sound effects, and screams of pain coming from different rooms. During day one and two I was convinced I was on the other end of the maternity wing because I kept hearing babies cry.

My assignments for that day were to advance to a full diet (real food, yay), get up more to go to the bathroom, and pass gas. Didn’t sound too hard, right? As the day wore on, I learned to predict when I’d need the pain pills and when to ask for it. From the time I pushed the buzzer to tell someone to bring me a dang pill it was anywhere from 15to 45 minutes before I actually had the thing in my mouth. With every pill dosage, my bracelet was scanned (kind of like a upc code thing at the grocery store) and I was asked what pain level (1-10) I was at. I was usually at somewhere between a 5-7 depending on how long I waited to call for the pain meds.

Much later I got a visit from DH and the kiddos. Boy was I glad to see them! The rest of the time in between was spent dozing and listening to music. I tried to flip through a magazine or watch TV but the channel selections were uninteresting; besides I couldn’t hear my TV over my roomies’. Night time on day two was more of the same interruptions, only not quite as many (I think because I had my IV removed). Looking forward to the idea of Thursday coming and getting out of the hospital. Although I joked with the kids and the staff and said I wasn’t leaving because they took such good care of me. Little did I know…

Regarding Queen of Everything

Her highness is still queen of planet blortnick and also a MODEL.

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